An art of real estate sales can be mastered in two ways. The first one is to focus on the professionalism during market research, gradually learning on successful deals and failures that prevented them. The second option is to apply our precise and qualified training education system.

You definitely have to visit it, if following is necessary for you:


We will tell explain you to push out to the new level in sales

Working with clients

We will help you to master modern and efficient techniques to work with clients

Sales department management

We will provide you with cases on how to change the approach to manage sales department and to motivate its employees in a completely new manner


We will teach you how to evaluate the results of sales department and to analyse obtained data

Work efficiency

We will demonstrate you how to incorporate time management system into everyday routine work, mainly in order to increase the number of finalised deal and consequent revenue

Consumer traffic

We will show you how to make deal closings regular and bring them into compliance with the initial sales targets

Managerial decisions

We will advise you on how to accelerate the processes to make correct and necessary decisions

Competitive advantages

We will recommend you on how to make your sales department more competitive

Market trends

We will motivate you to track and analyse current trends on the real estate market and to understand needs of the potential customers better



1-2 days

General course adapted to specific topics. Taking place on the company’s premises. Dates are coordinated on the individual basis.


3 months

Advanced course designed specifically for your business activities and needs. Consultant helps to sharpen sales skills. Taking place on the company’s premises, twice a week.


We offer new opportunities and maximum benefits for your business!