• Year: 2011
  • Type of building: Жилой дом
  • Amount of rooms: 6
  • Square: 420
  • Kitchen: 60
  • Amount of floors: 2
  • Total area: 420 m2
  • Land area: 60 decares
  • Type of wall: Finnish square-sawn timber
  • Type of roof: German roofing tile
  • Heating: Heating and hot water supply system with heat pump unit by Evi Heat (Sweden), Titan Sun 33 type, 30 kW, 18 boreholes (38 m deep) and sun roof collectors for water heating.

Supply lines: Separate transformer substation KTPU -1К-100/10/0,4 (80 kW). Two artesian wells (120 m and 40 m deep), Pedrolo waterpumps (3.0 kW, produced in Italy), separate Ecosoft water filtering system.

Infrastructure: Bucha municipal park is located nearby, along with various cafes, restaraunts, pharmacies, supermarkets etc.

Advantages: All supply units (air circuits, water supply, wiring and pipes) are stationed in the specifically designed basement (1.6 m high). There are no wiring, pipes or radiators in the house itself. Heated floor, jacuzzi-equipped swimming pool and spa-zone, hammam, Harvia wood sauna (Finland).

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