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We are the foreign-owned company providing professional purchasing/selling services in the field of real estate.


Minimizing expenses

We save your money and suggest to utilize our experience and technologies with thought-through processes

Cutting down average sale cycle

We update the analytics materials regularly to adjust sale terms in time on the basis of current market trends


Our specialists’ experience and professionalism is time-proven and works for your benefit

Individual approach

Your tasks are dealt with by specialist fully immersing into your project


All processes would be managed in a professional manner and in time, without using your own resources

Innovative approach

We analyse and elaborate new solutions for your business on daily basis. Our long-term planning horizon is 10 years


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Analytics and consulting

Gathering latest data, analysing current market trends, choosing effective solutions

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We help to sell a development project, leading client through all phases: from sale to deal closing

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Processing documents

Our specialists work with various forms of documents’ processing bond/fixed income contracts, property rights and derivatives contracts, investment contracts and notary purchase/sale agreements

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Alternative sales department

You save on expenses to establish your own sales department, hiring personnel and spending on advertisement. We fully control communication with buyers and lawyers




We offer new opportunities and maximum benefits for your business!